American Hairless Terrier

Wade’s American Hairless Terrier

Since 1997

An Original Founding Breed Developer

Developing this breed from the very beginning…has been a great pleasure!!

Outstanding Temperament
Healthy Sound Dogs
Every Size…Including Smaller
Every Color…

While Widening the Gene-Pool…….by using nine different Rat Terrier dogs…incorporating nine new entirely different Rat Terrier dog bloodlines into the American Hairless Terrier…then breeding back to hairless. Developing this new breed…with a wide variation of new genes…continuing to strengthen…this unique hairless dog.

Developing bloodlines born with much less woolly fuzzy coat, and going hairless at a much younger age. American Hairless Terriers are normally born with a woolly fuzzy coat.


Our new bloodlines are born almost entirely fuzz-free…making these new bloodlines the absolute best for people with dog allergies.

  • Home of the first-born hairless brindle, the first-born hairless true-blue brindles and the second-born hairless true-blue.
  • Producing true-blues with blue eyes…very blue eyes.
  • First developed the truest (no shading) pearl (mauve lilac) color…with light amber (lighter brown yellow) or green eyes.
  • New American Hairless Terrier Puppy Colors for 2008: chocolate brindle and true-pearl brindle
  • New Eye Colors for 2008: yellow brown and blue green (turquoise)
  • New Eye Colors for 2012: lighter blue and lighter green
  • Continuing to develop and improve the brindle stripes.

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